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Some more information is beginning to emerge about the attack.

The hackers behind the attack planted an additional script into users’ profiles alongside the Stalk Daily link, meaning that you could become infected just by viewing an infected users’ details.

(Please do not visit this site) (Some notes about the video above. Curiously, a lot of Twitter users appear to be posting status updates all containing phrases such as : That last one is particularly sneaky, as it appears to try and discredit the genuine warnings that have been spreading through the micro-blogging site.

Yes, I do make a mistake in the video as it’s actually the 12th of April today not the 11th. Ironically, some Twitter users have compounded the problem by posting warning messages about the Stalk Daily website on the network, giving a live link to the suspicious website in the process.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Twitter users have suffered an attack.

Last month, fans of the popular micro-blogging site, were barraged with messages being sent from compromised accounts trying to drive traffic to a pornographic website called Chat Web Cam Free.

You can watch hundreds of girls on webcam and video chat with them for FREE!Although when the stage of scam is too raw(have just started to begin), you might not find many tweets about any possible scam but its always advisable to search on Twitter about that new ‘third party app’ you’ve come across before putting your Twitter credentials.There are chances that tweeples who got duped at early stages might be spreading some precautionary tweets to their followers.You can write down your password details in some document on your harddisk, in case you forget your password.In worst possible case, you can reset your Twitter password using your mail-id.