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Reject Changes method is called, any rows still in edit-mode cancel their edits. Modified and deleted rows return back to their original state (Data Row State. You can use the Cell Validating event to check the contents of the cell just before it is committed.

2) You can roll back the value to another value (the previous value, some default value).

This is the most straight forward method as it envolves no software changes.

Phil I ended up focusing in the data Grid View Cell that i wanted to be in after the carriage return. Phil - thanks for the suggestion but in this case, in this app the carriage return is needed in all other instances.

framework 3.5 C# C# data Grid View Cell Validating event fires regardless of Causes Validation set to false of Cancel button I have the Cancel buttons Causes Validation set to false but the above event still fires. First of all - The validating events of a control CAN be supressed by setting the Causes Validation = false of the other control that gest focus to. For example if you do not want the validation event of a Text box to fire when you click the Cancel button ( as you would ), then you must set the btn Cancel.

For all who tried to answer - Thanks for the attention. But for the record and others who may stumble upon , I am writing this note.

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How can I disable the cell validating event for the rows that was added before???