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Officers up to the rank of Colonel or Captain (Navy) have narrow gold rings around the cuffs of the uniform tunic and gold bars on the shoulders of other uniform clothing.General officers and flag officers wear a single wide gold ring on the cuffs of the uniform tunic and maple leaves on the shoulders of all uniform clothing.If you want the CAF to put you through school, you must be qualified and prepared to serve in the CAF both while you study and after graduation.The CAF has a variety of education programs for officers and non-commissioned members.Non-commissioned members up to the rank of Sergeant or Petty Officer 2nd Class wear chevrons on the sleeves of the uniform tunic and on the shoulders of other uniform clothing.Warrant Officers and senior Petty Officers wear crowns on their cuffs of the uniform tunic and on the shoulders of other uniform clothing.Under the National Defence Act, the CAF are an entity separate and distinct from the Department.The CAF are headed by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Canada’s senior serving military officer, and are comprised of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

DND civilian job opportunities are posted on the Public Service Commission website.

You may write to DNDRecruitment-Recrutement [email protected] to inquire about DND civilian job opportunities in your area.

In most respects, DND is an organization like other departments of the Government of Canada.

To send personal mail to a specific CAF member, please ensure you follow the instructions, and comply with the guidelines, determined by the Canadian Forces Postal Services.

Look for more information on the Canadian Forces Message Board on our website or send your inquiries regarding the Canadian Forces Postal Services to: [email protected]

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As Commander-in-Chief, the Governor General performs many duties, including: The Minister of National Defence is a federal Cabinet Minister who has management and direction of the CAF and all matters relating to National Defence.