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You can search these results using your browser's "Find" capability, or if you wish to search by Title, Publisher, Character, or Type, click the "Search" button above.Below the contents of the data base, which are presented in tabular form, you will find the total number of spankings as well as the totals by some of the larger publishers. Marvel Spanking Tote Board, which is automatically updated every time you load this page.Jonesy was a teen humor tit Fine scene with plenty of foreshadowing.Johnny plans days ahead to spank his wife Edna if she doesn't stop flirting. Flatfoot Burns was a filler strip in this book, which mainly featured tough private eye Ken Shannon.

Also, one castaway will be the first to visit Ghost Island, and panic sets in at the first tribal council of the season.When mayhem follows, Weatherbee uses a paddle on Dilton with Obey That Impulse lettered on it. You should have gotten plenty of this when you were kids! The first spanking in a War comic book, from Atlas (later Marvel).Veronica treats her father disrespectfully at the father/daughter dance, thinking he's still Archie in disguise. Lodge turns her OTK and applies some needed discipline. Though Finger is a notorious pirate who will probably hang later, the fact that he's only 3 feet tall tempts Falcon to spank him. Torchy causes a lot of trouble on patrol, so gets turned over Casey's knee. Hellcat misses her leap, lands in a bent-over position, and gets Lunatik's steel rod across her behind!An "N" in this column indicates we have a strong suspicion that the book contains a spanking but haven't been able to verify it yet.By default, the entire contents of the data base are displayed, sorted by Issue Number within Title.

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