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Bible internet dating

One man in Wales – much greater than the distance I had said would be acceptable – says the things he loves the most are music, wine and sex. He probably deserves full marks for honesty, but not much for subtlety.

Fortunately, I can rewrite this so change it to ‘happy with rats and mice but dislike spiders.’ I can also specify how far away potential partners should live and age range. I think men are interested in younger women so I have to increase the age range.I started communicating with a man who lives about an hour’s drive away from me.He invited me to a private booking for about 20 people in the health suite at one of the leisure centres in my city.I wanted a photo of just my face where I was smiling, but later reflected that he probably worried I was wanting something a bit more revealing. One was occupied so he suggested I use the disabled one.I thought I was flushing the toilet but instead pulled the emergency cord – together with flashing lights and alarm above the coffee machines.

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