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There’s a good chance you just say, “It’s totally cool! Shutterstock If you want him to take you seriously you need to take yourself seriously. If you want to know if things are serious with a guy, act serious.You’d be amazed how many guys just don’t realize they were being disrespectful, but when you put them in their place, they perk up. They’re reminded that they need to work for your time. I don’t mean frown all of the time, I just mean talk to him about the things you want to talk to him about, let him know you’re interested, be open, and don’t be afraid to just ask, “Is this going somewhere?

Shutterstock Women make the mistake of thinking, “If I ask him where this is going, I’ll scare him off.” Pssst! So you go out of your way to be out with friends, posting on social media pictures of you at a bar, every night. He reads this as, “I think she would just be bored by a relationship right now…” Image Source: Shutterstock Hey, you need to spend time with someone to feel close to him! If you’re letting a week, ten days, two weeks go by between hanging out with the guy, things will fizzle out before you can get a feel for each other.If it had been a couple of years ago, this great catch of a guy would have never been given the time of day because my dating life was governed by a list of predetermined requirements.To be clear, this is not an article about lowering your standards or even a fool-proof way cto find your Mr. It’s only a testimony of what can happen when you open your mind and date outside of your comfort zone.And trust me, chemistry is more important than any height, bank account or age requirement.Recently, when I decided to forgo the norm, I started dating someone much different from my past prospects, and the chemistry is indescribable.

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