Beyonce and justin timberlake dating

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Beyonce and justin timberlake dating

On Thursday, Timberlake held a press conference in Minneapolis saying that there had been “a ton of grand ideas about special guests” including Jackson, *NSYNC, Jay Z and Chris Stapleton.But ultimately he said his band The Tennessee Kids would be his “special guests.” Jackson released a statement on Twitter throwing subtle shade Timberlake’s way saying “I will not be performing at the Super Bowl.” singer opened with the first single from his fifth solo album “Filthy” as he made his way from an inside stage into the open stadium.“Here’s to 48 crazy hours in the Bay,” the superstar exclaimed.“We love you San Jose.” And San Jose — as well as Oakland, Cupertino, Burlingame, Sausalito, Livermore, Fremont and every other city in the greater Bay Area — loves him right back.He then went into “Rock Your Body” - the song that he famously tore Jackson’s costume off to in the 2004 - a move which seemed designed to rub Jackson’s face - along with those of her fans - into the fact that she was not present.

There was no kneeling at this year's Super Bowl or reference to Colin Kaepernick.

It doesn’t help matters that the Man of the Woods Tour — in support of Timberlake’s 2018 album of the same name — kicks off with “Filthy,” which just might be the worst single of 2018 as well as of the superstar’s career.

Things didn’t improve much as the star led his crew into another new album track, “Midnight Summer Jam,” which is one of those numbing dance tunes that feels like it took Timberlake about five minutes to come up with.

It wasn’t quite a hologram, but Prince probably wouldn’t have been thrilled about the video projection of his face and Timberlake's cover.

Prince wasn't exactly a fan of Timberlake - he took a shot at his song "Sexyback" in 2006.

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Family, I spoke w/Justin 2nite and he shared heartfelt words of respect for Prince & the Purple fans.

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