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Been dumped dating

If you've been ghosted, the culprit may resurface one day. It's usually a fair amount of time after they disappeared into thin air, and they often act like nothing happened, like a cocky reanimated corpse.

Catfishes often steal photos from strangers' profiles, and sometimes even create multiple personas to make their stories more believable. "Kittenfishing" is like a less severe form of catfishing.Why they don't just bite the bullet and initiate the break-up themselves is a mystery.The term "catfish" was coined by the documentary film Catfish by Henry Joost, Nev Schulman, and Ariel Schulman.If you're "cushioning" someone, it means you're dating them but you don't think it's going to end well.Instead of cutting loose, you prepare for the break-up by chatting and flirting with several other people, to cushion the blow when it happens.

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It refers to when someone you've been seeing vanishes without a trace.