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C., just 12 years earlier than Jacobovici's circa 1500 B. the Hyksos Expulsion with the Exodus than Jacobovici's 1500 BCE Exodus date which was simply _his attempt_ to bring the 1446 BCE Exodus "somewhat closer in time" to Ahmose I and the Hyksos Expulsion.My below article notes that a number of scholars, Josephus (79 AD?But rather to 544 x y z years, where x= unknown length by Joshua and the elders (minimum, 5/10 years ? Thus using the "findings" of Kitchen and Hoffmeier regarding 1 Kings 6:1, an Exodus in the days of Pharaoh Ahmose I who expelled the Hyksos is indeed possible.), y= rule by Samuel above his stated 20 years (possibly zero), and z= the full reign of Saul (minimum, [3]2 years). However, neither of these men understand the Exodus is the Hyksos expulsion, they opt for a Rameside Exodus despite the research they did on 1 Kings 6:1 revealing that the Bible preserves an earlier date for the Exodus.The same failure to align the earlier Exodus date with Ahmose I's reign also holds for Goldstein (cf. Note: Because Professor Kitchen prefers to see some of the reigns in the book of Judges as not sequential but concurrent and thus "lowering the interval of time" between the Exodus and Solomon's 4th year, he NEVER makes the observation that Solomon's 4th year of ca. 1558/1563 BCE, falling in the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose I (ca. Clayton's 1994 Egyptian Chronology) who expelled the Hyksos (the first century CE Jewish historian Flavius Josephus claiming that the Hyksos expulsion is the Exodus).

He favors the Hyksos Expulsion as being behind the Exodus traditions, and notes this was the common understanding of the Early Christian period. the following url: Another reccomended article is by David Goldstein (published 24 July 2006) titled "Of Pharaohs and Dates: Critical Remarks on the Dating and Historicity of the Exodus From Egypt." He calculates an Exodus as occurring circa 1447 or 1528 BCE (the latter of which by _my calculations_ falls in the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose I who expelled the Hyksos). E.=Before the Common Era, an alternate scholarly designation for B. Jacobovici was apparently aware that some scholars dated the Exodus to circa 1446 BCE on the basis of 1 Kings 6:1 chronology.They probably cast their Canaanite pots in Egypt and still were casting them in the "Canaanite manner" when they settled AGAIN near Jerusalem in the Hill Country.Not until Egypt abandoned Canaan circa 1130 BCE under Ramesses VI was the land wide-open for conquest by Philistines and Israelites.His article, however, primarily critiques a 1312 BCE Exodus date (found in the Rabbinical Seder Olam Rabbah) espoused by Jonathan Adler, "Dating the Exodus: A New Perspective." pp. He was also aware that the Hyksos Expulsion associated with Pharaoh Ahmose I was a mid 16th century BCE event and that almost 100 years separated the Hyksos expulsion from the 1446 BCE Exodus date, and that because of this discrepancy, some scholars had rejected the Exodus as being a Hyksos Expulsion. Jacobovici was also apparently _unaware_ that a number of scholars had come to the conclusion that the 1446 BCE date preserved in 1 Kings 6:1 appeared to be CONTRADICTED by internal data preserved in the books of Joshua, Judges, 1st and 2d Samuel and Kings (as well as Acts -22).44-51, in the journal Jewish Bible Quarterly 23 (1995). What Jacobovici _was not aware of_ was that the Catholic scholar Eusebius as preserved by Jerome fixed the Exodus at circa 1512 B. When this data was factored in with Solomon's 4th year (circa 966 BCE when the Jerusalem Temple was begun to be built), it yielded an Exodus falling in the reign of Ahmose I.

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Modern archaeology has established the Israelite settlement of the Canaanite Hill Country from Galilee to the Negev as portrayed in the Bible, was in Ramesside times. If Manetho is correct, that Avaris was resettled by Canaanites in Ramesside times, and expelled again in that era, perhaps this answers the "great mystery" as to why the pottery of the IRON IA settlements is _Canaanite_ in appearance and _not_ Egyptian?

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