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While fans resented WWE shoving The Big Dog down their throat as the next top guy, Strowman became a de facto underdog and champion of fans who didn’t feel heard. How does a man of his size and stature function in the normal world ,and where did he come from?

This article take a look at 15 little known facts about Strowman’s personal life.

One of the more interesting throwaway facts that he has slipped in on more than one occasion was that he did some amateur wrestling in high school.While exact details vary from different tellings, the gist of the story seems to be that Karen approached Strowman in a bar and asked for an autograph for her son.Strowman dismissed her, according to going so far as to say, “F--- your son,” unaware that her son was also Kurt Angle’s child.Strowman commented in his visits to both Steve Austin and David Shoemaker’s podcasts that he eats a high volume of his meals at Chipotle.In describing what he ate—including three scoops of beef and two scoops of chicken per sitting—Shoemaker’s home site, Braun Strowman has built his name on his tremendous look, invincible aura, and straight ahead power wrestling style that focuses on slams and throws.

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Strowman back pedaled, not wanting to create heat one of the biggest stars in the history of the business.

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