Archaeological dating history

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Archaeological dating history

In the course of 100 years of research, they shaved off over 2,000 from their faulty ancient history chronology. " *** Incorrect dating schemes have caused significant problems for archaeologists laboring under delusion.

They cannot get all the answers they are looking for. The powers have actually had to shave off over 2,000 years from their faulty and incorrect Egyptian chronology.

It is to be known that the mighty Egyptian civilization existed; and it is to be known what God did for his people there during the plagues and the exodus.

After the flood it is said that people first multiplied in the Fertile Crescent--the area of present-day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq (Mesopotamia)--and from there migrated to Egypt and other areas.

At times I was bored to death..information was not relevant to me.

Laying hold on the truth, on the other hand, is nice, interesting, refreshing, fruitful, enjoyable, and satisfying--just the opposite of my mind-deadening school life.

Archaeological facts do indeed fit Scripture when the right dating is used; the problem is the insidious way in which the humanists have taken over Near Eastern archaeological work, and have carefully altered the dating system so events in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia will not fit the Old Testament account. *** Incorrect archaeological dating has caused inaccuracies and confusion in archaeological work.

(Evolution Encyclopedia, html page 1) A chronology or timeline for ancient days has been developed in order to determine various dates.

This timeline is based on certain assumptions about Egyptian dates.

*** Why is Egypt so important in archaeological dating?

*** It is believed that the earliest dates in history are found in Egypt.

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All archaeological dating is based on certain conclusions made about Egyptian dates.

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