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She tells Ki Joon to finish all the food even if it doesn’t taste good.

She makes a phone gesture to her ear and says that she’ll call him. Ki Joon sits at home and plays a video game on his phone. Ah Jung is hard at work, and she checks her phone as well.

Episode 8 Recap: Ah Jung is about to leave when Ki Joon’s hand shoots out from under the blanket and he grabs her wrist.She runs to his front gate and rings the doorbell, yelling out his name, worried about him.Suddenly Ki Joon walks up behind her and asks why she’s here?Turns out Javabeans and Girlfriday decided to drop their LTM recaps.As much as I worship their writing and always love to bounce thoughts off them, and I welcome DB-ers who want to come play here, it really hurt me to hear them criticized for that decision.

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