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11, 2001, arrives at the right time to provide the background.

Wright, 69, a longtime contributor to the New Yorker, wrote these 11 articles for the magazine, some of which later appeared in “The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11,” Wright’s meticulous, Pultizer Prize-winning 2006 account of the people behind the deadly attack on the United States. government, which sent agents to his home, tapped his phone and even included one of his children in their investigation of him.

the victory of Trump may be an initiative towards bloody battles and a huge mess.'He has been involved in recruiting fighters to join al-Nusrah Front and helping to form a new al-Nusrah Front "state" in northern Syria.

The “terror years” are right now, as recent months have clearly affirmed.

To learn how the world has arrived at such a dangerous state, this collection of Lawrence Wright’s journalism dating to the aftermath of Sept.

If the state of international affairs continues to falter, we should hear more from Wright in the future.

For now, we have “The Terror Years” to lay out the complex background to help us understand today’s situation.

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(The first piece in this collection, “The Man Behind Bin Laden,” is from that book.) Wright is an old-school reporter, relying on face-to-face interviews rather than e-mail, grinding out his research by frequent visits to the Middle East, many times in dangerous places, meeting anonymous (and mysterious) sources. “That troubles me,” Wright told Michael Mc Connell, then director of National Intelligence.