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Also, the thought below may be based on mood, time of day, or any number of other factors. I'm really into cars now, won at court and have my car a wash. I hope everyone in life could feel the peace and happiness I feel within and could look at positives around them.

I hope to write again next year :)Yeah...tomorrow is my birthday, 1st January and am gonna be 20. I pray that God should continue to bless and protect them. Anyway, Happy Birthday to myself, wishing myself long life, good health and prosperity.

Let her know that you hear her, and that she’s important and that you are that pillar on which she can always lean. Ask her to create a list of 10 THINGS that make her feel loved and memorize those things and make it a priority everyday to make her feel like a queen.11. Let her melt into her feminine softness as she knows she can trust you fully.13.

The feminine spirit is about change and emotion and like a storm her emotions will roll in and out, and as you remain strong and unjudging she will trust you and open her soul to you… Stand present and strong and let her know you aren’t going anywhere. Be present Give her not only your time, but your focus, your attention and your soul. Don’t be an idiot And don’t be afraid of being one either. Try not to make too big of mistakes, and learn from the ones you do make.

Focus to the point where you can no longer see anything but love, and you know without a doubt that you are the luckiest man on earth to be have this woman as your wife.5.

Find common goals, dreams and visions to work towards.18.

Listen to what she is really saying behind the words and emotion.9. Do whatever it takes to clear your head so that when you are with her you are fully WITH HER. You’re not supposed to be perfect, just try to not be too stupid.14.

Give her space The woman is so good at giving and giving, and sometimes she will need to be reminded to take time to nurture herself.

She needs that space to renew and get re-centered, and to find herself after she gets lost in serving you, the kids and the world.)15.

Be vulnerable…You don’t have to have it all together. But these are lessons I am learning and committed in carrying forward.

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Be willing to share your fears and feelings, and quick to acknowledge your mistakes.16. Embracing all of the cycles and learning to learn from and love each experience will bring the strength and perspective to keep building, one brick at a time. Truth is, If you are reading this and find wisdom in my pain, share it those those young husbands whose hearts are still full of hope, and with those couples you may know who may have forgotten how to love.

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