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Abdl dating

I've already successfully introduced a girl to ABDL and DDLG on Tinder so it sounds like I'll stick with that.

Unfortunately, that girl wasn't interested in me, but she often makes posts now on DDLGPersonals and via message told me she was interested in trying diapers.

I've had guys on Grindr and Tinder wear and wet diapers for me.

Something extra hot about a "normie" peeing themselves in a diaper : P if you're a straight male there isn't too much out there.

Neither conversation actually led to a diaper meet-up, but that's beside the point.

Applying the severe filter of "AB/DL-aware" straight off is a bit like sinking the ship before it reaches the open sea.

I use the ABDLPersonals and DDLGPersonals sub Reddits as well as look from time to time on the Littlespace Zeemaps map, but which sites are the best to try with? Best find a kinky lady on a fetish dating site and convince her to wear diapers.Neither conversation actually led to a diaper meet-up, but that's beside the point. I have met very few people who have a drive to be a caretaker that comes naturally to them, and more often then not the ones I've met have been "daddy doms" focused on finding attractive women in diapers, and the idea of controlling a woman like a little girl to be sexy.(No judgement, just saying the type I see naturally interested in this tends to be limited in this way.) Obviously this leaves a lot of be desired for most ABDL's which leaves them wanting to find places to meet people.Every female ABDL on there gets a pretty constant stream of short messages from socially inept guys so just messaging people is kinda a waste of time.There are some personals groups which might be worthwhile. Any "munches" (annoying term) are bound to be filled with 99% men, with the one or two women already taken.

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And then there those that stay married but now there is a constant elephant in the room because the husband (99% of the time) wants to do something but the partner is not accepting of it.

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