A whole lot of fish dating

Posted by / 30-Mar-2020 02:26

A whole lot of fish dating

As if that weren’t enough, I found many women wouldn’t even look at my profile unless I had looked at theirs first or e-mailed them.

My original post was filled with intemperate comments.

But I felt that the ‘attention junkies’ portion of my comment was reasonable.

So when I checked back later to see if anyone had responded, I discovered the thread had been deleted. Then I discovered that Plenty Of Fish uses volunteer moderators to patrol comment forums and basically delete any posts they don’t like. Users they don’t like or who they feel aren’t following the rules can be banned – for either a short period of time or an eternity.

Only to be ignored, have my e-mails read and deleted without so much as even a ‘thanks’ for showing some interest.

Or worse, to be put down for even having the temerity to show any interest at all.

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