800a0cb3 current recordset does not support updating

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800a0cb3 current recordset does not support updating

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To use all the functionality of dynasets, you must be working with an ODBC driver that conforms to the correct level of ODBC API support.

Hi folks, I'm just starting out teaching myself VB, and so far have got on quite nicely with it. All help is very gratefully received; this has been doing my head in all day! Open SQL , dbase_connection, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic this is necessary to describe how to point to records (or something like that!! Look in MSDN for different values of Cursor Location, Type and Lock Type as to what is updatable or not Good Answer Stik.

I have a website with some asp pages running off of a MS Sql db.

For reasons that I can't explain, whenever querying the database with a SELECT query containing an order by clause, the returned recordset is read-only, regardless of cursor or lock type.

The SQL server is running Windows 2000 Server and SQL 2000 The www ...

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I'm coding a fairly simply database system; something to keep track of patients through a hospital unit. Many thanks, Rocko there possibly key elements missing = Cursor Location 'open the database to add new record conn. ) give that a whirl and see if it solves anything Hi, Your issue is that you need to specify a cursorlocation, cursortype and locktype on your recordset. Coupla minor points: You can do this is one line each for the Connection and recordset objects: 'Connect Call obj Conn.

Originally I used the ADODC to manage the data, and that worked fine. Open DEFUALT_DBASE_PROVIDER & & "\Data\test.mdb" conn. You can specify these on the rs.open, or instantiate the recordset and specify them and use rs. Dim dta Patient As Recordset Set dta Patient = New Recordset dta Patient.

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OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=C:\Documents and Settings\Rik\Desktop\My VB\NHS\patient.mdb;" con Patient. It seems perfectly happy with the file *until* it reaches the Add New; the Move First and Move Next both show the correct records in the "watch" screen. Open "select * from patient" Hope this helps, Kieron PS. Occasionally, this may be all you need and it can save you the overhead of yet another object to track.