2016 dating international tip

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2016 dating  international tip

Some recruitment companies are unresponsive to workers’ requests for assistance in situations of exploitation, and some charge workers excessive fees, leaving workers with exorbitant debts and vulnerable to debt bondage.Some victims are subjected to forced labor in the construction, fishing, agricultural, mining, logging, and manufacturing sectors, primarily in Taiwan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Laos, Angola, United Arab Emirates, and Japan.

However, penal code articles 150-151 were not yet legally in effect at the end of the reporting period.

Vietnam entered into memoranda of understanding with 11 primary destination countries and updated its agreement with Malaysia to ban the practice of employers retaining employees’ passports.

NGOs report border officials in high-risk trafficking areas increased their engagement to investigate trafficking cases.

Workers may find themselves compelled to work in substandard conditions for little or no pay, with large debts and no legal recourse to address labor law violations.

Vietnamese women and children are subjected to sex trafficking abroad; many are misled by fraudulent labor opportunities and sold to brothel operators on the borders of China, Cambodia, and Laos, and in other Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VIETNAM: Fully enact and implement articles 150 and 151 of the new penal code, which amend articles 119-120 of the current penal code, to vigorously prosecute all forms of trafficking and convict and punish traffickers, especially in cases involving forced labor or complicit officials; continue to strengthen and actively monitor labor recruitment companies and enforce regulations prohibiting the imposition of recruitment fees; fully implement plans to train officials on implementation of the amendments to the penal code, with a focus on identifying and investigating forced labor and internal trafficking cases; cease the practice of subjecting Vietnamese drug users to forced labor in government-run rehabilitation centers; implement policies to identify and assist victims among vulnerable groups, such as migrant workers, individuals in prostitution, and child laborers, and train relevant officials on these procedures; expand training for consular officials on worker rights and international labor standards; support efforts of international organizations or other stakeholders to research and report on trafficking trends in Vietnam, including the public release of findings; finalize the database on trafficking statistics and disseminate information at the national level; improve interagency cooperation on anti-trafficking efforts in order to effectively implement the national plan of action and ensure sufficient resources are dedicated to the plan; develop programs that reduce stigma and promote reintegration of trafficking returnees; implement anti-trafficking campaigns directed at reducing child sex tourism; and ratify and fully implement the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (ACTIP).

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