12 dating deal breakers

Posted by / 07-Nov-2020 16:29

Before today, I never gave someone’s bathroom hardware a second thought.I figured a sink was a sink and a toilet was a toilet.It’s times like this that I thankful that I’m a tungsten man.I just happen to like that nice yellowish-orange look of the bulbs.Thanks to the users of the Whisper app, guys have finally come clean to let everyone know what their dating deal breakers are. This is actually the second time I have ever heard of someone saying that disrespecting Steve Buscemi was deal breaker. Yes, Steve Buscemi is a great actor and a national icon, but how should that come into play when deciding who is right for you?This is such an insane deal breaker that I can only assume that this guy has ended several relationships over this in the past.When it comes to dating, it’s an outright miracle that people actually end up in relationships considering how many deal breakers people have.

I can only imagine that this guy has very large hands and must need his date to get the Pringles at the bottom of the can that he can’t quite reach. Why would any guy ever want to date a person who doesn’t like fishing?! How awkward would that be if you fall in love with someone but forget to ask them if they like fishing. Without thinking, what comes to mind when you hear the words “contemporary bathroom furniture”?So how does this guy find out Does he inspect their lightbulbs upon entering a perspective significant other's apartment for the first time?Whatever the case may be, this seems like a recipe for disaster.That’s a very odd deal breaker, if I do say so myself.This seems like something that would be a psychoanalyst’s dream.

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