04 06 2013 webcam Crichat show sex video

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04 06 2013 webcam

But do us all a favour and stop leaving arrogant and rude comments, and let us get on with fixing the webcam for those people that appreciate it. If you are going to do stuff online, at least make sure it works.Than you Slip has reopened and SWW working, they tell us,on a long term solution to the problems.We ought to be much more worried about the government and business continually tracking us on our phones and the internet than a small insignificant webcam! As one who has used this webcam often, you are are talking rubbish. So it was lovely to be transported back in the autumn thanks to the wonders of the web. Almost immediately, I found in the evening that someone was deliberately moving the focus up to the bedrooms of the OFI, where you could see what the people inside were doing.And as for reading the number plates - what exactly would anyone gain by this? Moving the camera to any other than a preprogrammed position is laborious. When I tried to move the camera away to other scenes, this someone moved it straight back up to the bedrooms.The preset locations include Ferrymans Cottage Deck, the Bodinnick Ferry Slipway, the Old Ferry Inn Pub, the Bodinnick Phonebox, Daphne De Mauriers old house, the Station Road Slipway and Mixtow.A Google Map of the viewable locations is available Enter Comment Herehi Tony, hope you are keeping well.

Forgive this old gals tapping on my I pad, but hoping you are well,and happy, I like to look in on your web cam, and see how weather etcis , byee,love from Swindon x x x Hi Sharon, Sorry, we are not in the locality today.

I do agree that perhaps we should not be able to zoom in on people's windows across the water, however, I could stand on the quayside (or at a window) and look across the water with a pair of binoculars and nobody would say a thing would they?

It is a shame that there are people in this world who like to find things to complain about.

The slip's closed to the public but some are still getting in!

I think SWW owe you a discount on your bill for your hospitality! BT installed the new optical fibres and router on time (very impressed), so we now have 200Mb internet. The webcam will be down for the next couple of weeks, as BT will be installing new optical fibres to the premises. This spot is getting so popular that you have to check first!

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